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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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My name's Iqra Abdul, and I'm currently a grade 12 student at the Regina Huda School, in Regina Saskatchewan. I'm a pretty typical teenager, I spend most of my life either eating, or watching TV shows, which is actually what inspired me for my project. Grey's Anatomy, (being the best tv show in human history), is a medical (and very much drama) TV show that shows many interesting health conditions and treatments. I first learned of Phantom Limb Pain in the show when one of the characters lost her leg in a plane crash and began feeling pain. I further studied on the condition, and thought about how interesting it was to see how mirrors can actually relieve pain. So far, I've worked with nociceptive pain, I would like to expand this project to working with burn victims and even children (seeing how easy mirrors can be a distraction to pain). My advice to students thinking about doing a project, is to focus on what you like to do. Every interest you have, has some sort of science behind it. Work with an interest, and the "scientist-passion" will come naturally. Follow your dreams... basically.

Iqra Abdul

Can Your Reflection Relieve Pain?
Ville:Regina, SK
École:Regina Huda School
Sommaire:Pain is a very subjective experience, but is enhanced through visual feedback - seeing a bleeding hand increases the pain felt. This experiment determines the extent of a role visual feedback plays on perception of pain, and using a 'Mirror Box' creates an interruption in visual feedback, reducing nociceptive pain.