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ESPC 2016 - Montreal (Québec)

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My name is Tooba Razi and I am in Grade 10 at Fort Richmond Collegiate in Winnipeg, MB. My hobbies include drawing, painting, reading, and science. For my future plans, I would like to go into medicine, specifically surgery. I got the inspirationz for my project from the approximately 366 million people that suffer from diabetes today. Out of those 366 million, there are inevitably many people who aren't suitable for current diabetic therapeutics. This sparked an interest in me. Coming from a South Asian background, using herbs and spices to treat small illnesses is very common, but i wanted to see if that "theory" could also be applied to bigger illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes. For further research, I would like to move into in vivo testing and potential drug development. If you are a student interested in doing a project, you should just go for it. Pick a topic that interests you and one you are passionate about. With that, I guarantee, no matter what topic you choose, you will be happy with your end results. Science discoveries take a long time, but perseverance and hard work will be prevalent when you succeed.

Tooba Razi

The Identification of Natural Products from Cinnamon for Diabetic Treatment
Région:Manitoba Schools Science Symposium
Ville:Winnipeg, MB
École:Fort Richmond Collegiate
Sommaire:There has been great interest in using bioactive natural products from plants for pharmacological purposes. Cinnamon is a spice that has shown to have many bioactive components that can inhibit intestinal α-glucosidase, which is an alternate treatment for diabetes mellitus type 2. The results illustrated that cinnamon would be very effective in acting as an alpha-glucosidase inhibitior, working more effectively than the current drug.

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