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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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Sofya - I, Sofya Vladimirovna Mishchenko, enjoy drawing and painting and ama former student of the Alberta Arts Academy. I has won multiple art-related contests and has been published in books. I enjoy swimming and have participated in a variety of swim styles such as synchronized swimming, and lane swimming. I loves school, and my favourite subjects are the sciences. The inspiration for my project came from Google Science Fair winner, Ann, and her "Hollow Flashlight." The device she constructed used a Peltier Tile to convert thermal energy into electrical energy, which intrigued me. I was compelled to make a project that used Peltier Tiles and decided to construct a chair. Further investigations for my project would include other methods of keeping one of the sides of the Peltier Tile cool (which is required for the conversion of energy). Additionally, I could investigate how the chair would react to operating for longer amounts of time, such as days, and investigate ways to allow it to operate even longer. The advice I would give to other students thinking about doing a project is: choose a topic you are interested in, so you can develop it to its full potential.
Katherine - My name is Katherine, I attend Marymount Academy, and I am in grade 8. I love history, reading, sports, and have never strayed far from where I live, making this quite a crazy experience. Inspiration for my partner and I's project was an article in our textbooks about Peltier Tiles, and we do wish to add onto our project. Some advice is to not procrastinate on your project or you will not be able to add everything you want into it.

Sofya Mishchenko, Katherine Brown

Chair of the Future
Ville:Sudbury, ON, Capreol, ON
École:Marymount Academy
Sommaire:The "Chair of the Future" could be the next step to more eco-friendly ways to generate electricity. When a person sits on the chair and inserts a cold substance into the compartment underneath the chair, they convert thermal energy into electrical energy. The scientists built a prototype of the chair, ensuring they would have the temperature difference, and were able to generate electricity with it.