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ESPC 2018 - Ottawa (Ontario)

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I am a grade 7 student who enjoys skiing, soccer and fiddling. I enjoy volunteering in my community, spending time with my family and friends at the lake and travelling. The inspiration for this project came from my home. We have a wood burning fireplace and I wondered if the ashes could be used for anything useful. After experiencing a forest fire close to our home last year, and knowing how a forest will rejuvenate quickly after a fire, I thought, why not use the ashes on plants? To extend this project, I would like to see if there is a difference between using hardwood and softwood ash, and to further research the composition of soil with the addition of ash. As for advice to other students, conduct a lot of research and be well-prepared!

Marley Shewchuk-Iwankow

Waste Not
Région:Frontier Schools
Ville:West Hawk Lake, MB
École:Falcon Beach School
Sommaire:I used fish waste as a natural fertilizer on plants as an alternative to being dumped into waterways. I wanted to find the best way to apply the waste onto a bean plant; as a liquid product mixed into the soil or as a dry product on top of the soil. I also tested different amounts of each.