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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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My name is Anisha Banga, I am 17 years old,from Cornwall Ontario. I'm in grade 11 and love biology, psychology and learning about the science of life. I recently did a project for my local fair, about how we could possibly start life on distant planets, by combining Darwin's theory along with Mendelian genetics. Ever since I was little, I've always been interested in space, aliens, and new creatures that were more advanced than us. It has always been a goal of mine to work with others who share the same goal as me; which is jump starting life farther than we know. In the future, I see myself taking paleontology, genetics and microbiology courses. I hope to work with NASA and expand on my ideas and future goals. Advice I would give to others is to be as open minded as you can be. Let your ideas be as extraordinary, and always back your work up with lots of research. Talk to people, read articles and stay inspired.

Anisha Banga

Micro Evolution
Région:United Counties
Ville:Cornwall, ON
École:St. Lawrence H.S.
Sommaire:Could life start in water on Mars and on its moons the way it did here on Earth? The point of my project is to be able to create life using a common bacteria and see how it undergoes changes based on its surrounding environment. My goal is to be able to spark new ideas of how we can form life and populate other locations.