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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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Ayush Malhotra is a grade 7 student in Waterloo, Ontario. He currently attends the full day congregated enrichment program at Centennial P.S. His hobbies include sports, travelling, and writing. Ayush competes in the Ontario Tennis Association at the provincial level and plays competitive tournaments across Ontario. Ayush enjoys travelling across the globe and learning about the various cultures of countries around the world. In fact, Ayush was in India when he noticed that the GDP per capita of the country was quite low. He was aware that the life expectancy and obesity rates of India were also low. Ayush took it upon himself to find out if this trend continued on a universal scale of countries. Currently, Ayush is in the middle of writing two research papers. The first is a review of multiple studies conducted on drowsy driving and its rise in the past decade. The second paper is an expansion on his science fair project. Ayush believes that to have a great science fair project, you need to be passionate about your topic. After science fair, Ayush hopes to add additional data sets to his project and continue running data analysis and writing his paper.

Ayush Malhotra

The Relationship Between Life Expectancy, GDP per capita and Obesity
Ville:Waterloo, ON
École:Centennial P.S.
Sommaire:Increasing numbers of people around the world are obese. This is extremely worrisome as obesity is linked to multiple chronic diseases. Based on an analysis of 202 countries over 41 years, I find that as a country gets wealthier, men tend to become more obese while women’s obesity rates decrease. These conflicting results offer new avenues for tackling obesity among men and women.