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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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I am an active person who enjoys playing soccer and rugby. At my school, I am involved in various clubs and school organizations, including Graduation Class Executive Committee, Envirothon, and I run a Best Buddies group. I also enjoy music, and I play the cello and ukulele. Growing up in Saint John, New Brunswick, exploring the waterways and beaches of my hometown has always been a pastime, and for that reason, I am concerned about what happens to them. Plastic pollution is something which is covered extensively in the media, and when looking further into the subject, I learned about microplastics and decided to do my research in that area. In the future, investigations should be made into how microplastics affect humans or larger vertebrates. Students who are considering doing a research project should focus on researching what they are passionate about, because it makes the research process all the more enjoyable.

Lauren McGrath

A Quantitative Analysis of Microplastics in Shellfish
Région:South-East New Brunswick
Ville:Saint John, NB
École:St. Malachy's Memorial High School
Sommaire:I studied microplastics in shellfish which humans eat, looking at mussels and oysters to see if there was a difference in how many plastics they contained. I wanted to see how the plastic pollution we produce affects sea life, and I chose to study shellfish because we eat them whole, so any plastic in them will eventually get inside humans as well.